Gouken Comprehensive Tutorial

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This guide is for beginners and advanced players and goes through most of Gouken’s AE v.2012 tools. Be sure to have annotations turned on so you may skip to the section you wish to watch.

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Strengths & Weaknesses - 00:35
Notable Normals - 01:25
Unique Attacks - 06:49
Special Moves - 08:15
Ultra Setups - 19:13
Anti Air - 24:20
Meterless Combos - 25:45
Ex Combos - 27:03
Corner Combos - 28:42
Resets - 31:34
Safe Jumps - 35:58
Option Selects - 38:25
Character Specific Select Screen - 42:05

(Omitted Jump-ins)
EX Combos:

#1 – cl.st.MP, cr.HP, EX.Palm -Followup-
#2 – cl.st.MP, cr.HP, LP.Hado, FADC, cr.HP, EX.Palm -Followup-
#3 – cl.st.HP, Ex.Palm, HP.Palm
#4 – cl.st.HP, Ex.Palm, f.dash, HK.Tatsu (Exceptions: Sakura, Guy, Dhalsim, Juri, El Fuerte)
#5 – cl.st.HP, Ex.Palm, f.dash, EX.Tatsu (Solves above issue)
#6 – cl.st.MP, cr.HP, LP.Hado, FADC, Sweep (If you crossed up or long range causes Ex Palm to Whiff)

(Omitted Jump-ins)
Corner Combos
#1 – cl.st.MP, cr.HP, Ex Palm, HP.Hado, HK.Tatsu
#2 – cl.st.MP, cr.HP, LP.Hado, FADC, cl.st.HP/cr.HP, Ex.Palm, HP.Hado, HK.Tatsu
#3 – cl.st.MP, EX.Palm, HP.Hado, LP.Palm, bj.HK
#4 – cl.st.MP, LP.Hado, cr.HP, LP.Hado, cr.MP, (Optional – Not True Blockstring )MK.DF-Divekick, cl.st.MP, cr.HP, MP.Palm
#5 – (Not True Blockstring) – cl.st.MP, LP.Hado, cr.MP, LP.Hado, cr.MP, LK.DF-Divekick, cr.MP, LP.Hado, cr.MP, LP.Hado, cr.MP, LK.DF-Grab
#6 – (Not True Blockstring) – (Early)fj.lk, cl.st.HP, EX.Palm -Followup-
#7 – (Left Conrer Only – Not True Blockstring) – cl.st.MP, cr.HP, MK.DF.Divekick, cl.st.HP, Ex.Palm, HP.Hado, LP.Hado, cr.HP, LK.DF-Grab
#8 – cl.st.MP, cr.HP, LP.Hado, cr.MP, MK.DF-Divekick, cl.st.HP, MK.DF-Divekick, cl.st.HP -Followup-

st. = ‘standing’
cr. = ‘crouching’
j. = ‘jumping’
cl. = ‘close’
far. = ‘far’

LP = ‘light punch’
MP, HP, LK, MK, HK = light, medium or heavy, punches or kicks.

PPP = All 3 Punches together – Common Ultra Usage.
KKK = All 3 Kicks together – Common Ultra Usage.

FADC = ‘Focus Attack Dash Cancel’

I’ll be using abbreviations of moves like this:
DF:Grab = Means Demon Flip:Grab (Also; DiveKick, Sweep, Parry)
Tatsu = Hurricane Kick
Hado = Fireball
Palm = Palm Strike / Palm Slide
Parry = Parry Counter
Ultra 1 = Shin Shoryuken
Ultra 2 = Denjin Hadouken

DP = ‘dragon punch’ – Meaning the Shoryuken motion on the dpad.
RDP = ‘reverse dragon punch’ – Shoryuken motion away from opponent.
QCF = ‘quater circle forward’ – Hadouken motion.
QCB = ‘quater circle back’ – Hadouken motion away from opponent.

AA = Anti-Air

Auto Correct – An auto correct is when you input the motion for a move, such as a SRK, and the game, seeing that your opponent is on the other side, auto corrects the move for you, letting you attack on the side the opponent is on.

Buffering – to cancel a normal to a special/super. See XX. It also means inputting a motion for a special/super/ultra while doing an action (while jumping, doing an attack, block/hit stun)

Hit confirm – Basically it means to confirm your previous hit damaged the opponent before doing your super, i.e. confirm your c.FK hit before doing Ryu’s super. The best way to do this is to buffer your moves. Do the motions with the stick while during the FK animation, and once you confirm it hit, press the punch buttons.

Option Select – An input that is used as multiple actions based on your opponent’s response. The game itself is given the “option” and it “selects” the best possible outcome.

Safe Moves – Moves that are considered safe on block. These moves generally cannot be punished. For instance, Sagat’s Tiger Knee in SF4 is considered safe when it only hits one time.

Armor Break – To use a move to break the super armor of a character (See below for Super Armor). Each character has at least one move that’s armor breaking, and all non-projectile reversal moves are given armor breaking ability.

Plinking – Plinking is pressing the primary button and a secondary button of less priority in quick succession to get yourself two inputs and a second chance at successfully completing your link.

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