Dee Jay Basics Guide

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0:00 Jump arc and applying pressure
Dee Jay has a tricky jump arc. You can apply pressure by mixing up your jump-in attacks. Here are the following significant options:

-Knee shot (instant or changes arc mid-jump
-j.MK (can cross-up)
-Empty jump

0:33 Anti-airs
-st.MP, st.HP, RH sweep.
-Upkicks. MK Upkicks if landed cleanly can be jungled into another MK/HK Upkicks.

LK has better invincibility and deals more damage. LK- 120 damage, MK- 100 damage.

EX Upkicks has a 4-frame start-up and good auto-correct properties. Very good for anti-air, and difficult to safe jump.

Sweep can be used as anti-air if spaced correctly. It may also link MK up kicks afterwards for extra damage. U2 also connects if you land the slide properly.

(Not listed but, I found cr.HP to work fairly well when st.HP is not reliable)

2:24 Air-to-air normals

Knee shot, j.HP, j.HK

2:55 Cross under mix-ups

3:07 BnB Combos

1. cr.LP x 2/3, cr.MK (for knockdown
2. cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.MK
3. cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.LK > Air Slasher/Sobat Kick
4. j.MK, st.MK, cr.LP, cr.LK > Air Slasher/Sobat Kick
5. cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP > Air Slasher/Sobat Kick/EX MGU/EX Sobat Kick
6. cr.LP, cr.LP, st.MK > EX Sobat Kick (Good for those who prefer an easier link versus using cr.MP)

4:54 Punishes and FADC combos

1. cr.MP, MGU
2. cr.MP/st.MP > EX Sobat Kick
3. cr.MP > Sobat Kick, FADC, cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP > Sobat Kick
4. cr.MP > Sobat Kick, FADC, cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.LP > HP MGU
5. cr.MP > Sobat Kick, FADC, st.MK, cr.LP, cr.MK

5:36 Frame traps
1. st.MK, cr.MK
2. st.MK, cr.LK > Air Slasher/Sobat Kick
3. st.MK, cr.MP > EX Sobat Kick

(not listed: EX MGU into EX Sobat Kick, EX MGU into RH Up kicks, EX MGU into U2, cr. MP into EX Up kicks, cr.HP into EX Up kicks

6:08 Dealing with projectiles

RH Sweep can be used to go under projectiles.
Instant knee shot can be used to go over projectiles.
EX Sobat Kick can go through projectiles (even projectile Super/Ultras)
Both Super and Ultra 1 can go through projectiles, good with fast reactions and anticipation

(Not listed but: U2 is also a good counter to projectiles, doesn’t have a long of reach compared to U1.)

7:52 Best chip damage



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