Makoto Comprehensive Tutorial

Through Silence January 30, 2013 0

KingBlackToof is back at it again with a really useful tutorial for Makoto. This tutorial covers majority of the necessities to start out as Makoto as well as higher level knowledge to help guide you onto your way to understand Makoto.

LP,MP,HP,LK,MK,HK – Punch or Kick variations; Light Medium or Heavy. (Ex: LP.Oroshi)
EX – 2 Punch or Kick buttons together, an EX type. (Ex: EX.Hayate)
x. – Any variation of Punch, Kick or EX you’d like. (Ex: x.Hayate – Any Hayate.)
st. – standing, cr. – crouching,
f. – forward, b – back,
bj., nj., fj – back, neutral, forward jump.
f.FADC – Focus Attack Dash Cancel + Dash Direction (Ex: f.FADC – FADC forward dash)
hcb – Half Circle Back (Karakusa inputs specifically)
Hayate, AxeKick, UpPunch, Oroshi, Karakusa – Makoto’s Special moves.

Terminology used throughout.
P-Link (‘Plink’) – Plinking is pressing the primary button and a secondary button of less priority in quick succession to get yourself two inputs and a second chance at successfully completing your link.

Kara – To interrupt the startup of one action with another action; typically performed with the intent of transferring properties of a normal move, such as invincibility or sudden forward movement, onto a special or super move.

Please be sure to turn on annotations if you want to skip to certain segments.

Source: KingBlackToof

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