Dee Jay – Feel the Rhythm

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Dee Jay – Feel the Rhythm

I played Dee Jay a lot when he was first introduced back in Super Street Fighter II. When he was reintroduced for Super Street Fighter 4, I was ecstatic- someone to pick up for fun as a secondary character. Unfortunately, he didn’t really feel like his old self, so I just figured out ways to play him, again for pure enjoyment. In my opinion, he’s probably around mid tier. Many place him lower but I feel that he’s definitely your resident sleeper.

Here are a few tools I use to play him that I want to share. Many of this can be found online, but not everyone plays the same so this can be helpful to Dee Jay specialists.

Good Normals:
standing roundhouse kick – perfect for people who like to whiff normals
standing hard punch – score an anti air, or a 2nd hit on counter hit
light punch – one of the best normals, good while standing and crouching
medium punch – good for combos, catching crouching limbs, and frame traps
standing medium kick – very good pressure tool, cancels to sobat kicks
crouching medium kick – best knockdown tool, use it a lot to stop opponents rhythm and start pressuring for damage
knee shot – fast, unpredictable, can cross-up on the corner, beats a lot of air attacks
diagonal jump medium kick – cross-up tool

Anti-airs (all situational depending on spacing/timing/your reactions):
standing lp – decent for dive kicks and other jump ins
close mp – frame trap
crouching roundhouse – very good tool to punish careless jump ins, projectiles and whiffed normals
crouching hard punch – good to punish whiffed normals and jump ins

jumping neutral mk – has a slow landing, very good to tap people in the head to keep them in check
jumping neutral hp – slams opponent to the ground, has a decent hit box
diagonal jump roundhouse – very wide range of attack, good for diagonal forward
diagonal jump hp – smaller range of attack but still beats out a lot of air attacks
knee shot – versatile, jumping back or forward. combo starter.

Special moves:
Double Rolling Sobat (Dread Kicks) – I use light kick a lot when I want to knock down, or apply pressure on block. EX to surprise opponents by going through their projectiles

Machine Gun Upper – I rarely use this, but when I do, it’s EX into Ultra 2 in the corner, or if you’re really good, perform EX MGU and dash into U2 (not in the corner)

Jackknife Maximum (Up Kicks) – Both really good and really bad.
The good: auto correct can save your life. Stops almost every jump in without trading hits. You can combo mk to hk for max damage and corner control.
The bad: It’s so easy to bait it and just crouch block. Highly punishable when whiffed.

Air Slasher (Max Out)
In my opinion, this move is like a poor-man’s sonic boom. Good for spacing but his recovery isn’t as great as Guile’s. Use to control spacing and fight the projectile war.

Ultra 1 vs Ultra 2
From a spectator perspective, I see a lot more people use U1 over U2. My guess is that players like having the potential to combo their super into u1, and the movement is very user friendly (back forward back forward, 3 kicks).

I personally use Ultra 2, others may use Ultra 1 if they feel it’s more advantageous against projectile characters. The reason why I choose u2 over u1 is because I like having the ability to anti air slide into u2, or getting an EX Machine Gun Upper into U2 in the corner for the high damage output. One thing I like to do with u2 is letting it rip if someone keeps trying to disrespect your space by trying to rush down too hard or if they press too many buttons.

There’s plenty of ways to attack. Choose whichever suits your style. For me I like to feel out my opponent first, then when I see a potential opening proceed to deal damage and pull back once I have life lead, or if I’m feeling lucky, just go full on aggression to finish the job. Normally, your key tools would be to approach your opponent by scoring a hard knock down. Once you knock them down, begin your mini-vortex. Key tools here are to mix your attacks using your cross-up medium kick, knee shot, jumping a hair away to start a low attack, throws, crouching jabs, crouching medium kick, standing medium kick, close medium punch, light kicks, jumping neutral attacks, focus attacks, stutter steps, hesitation and predictions. There’s a ton more but it’s up to you to figure out what works against your opponent. Capitalize on your opponents inability to stop what you’re doing. Don’t change it until they’ve countered you or change it every so often so it makes it really hard for your opponent to guess correctly.

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