Watch Your Step – Ryu vs Bison

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Watch Your Step – Ryu vs Bison

Watch Your Step (WYS)
Watch Your Step is a subcategory for matchup knowledge to enhance your abilities through the eyes of our own knowledge. This knowledge should be known already to most regular players, but for ones who are interested or just wanted to compare knowledge, this is the place to be.

Ryu vs Bison (SSF4AE)
Speaking as a Ryu player, this matchup may feel difficult for beginners. When I first started playing this matchup, I realized how dangerous Bison players could be with their s.HK, and corner traps. If you are having these issues, do not fret, there are ways to get through Bison’s skillset.

Moves you should be using more often: lp.DP, nj.HK, s.MP, c.MK, j.HK.
First, s.HK is standing hard kick, lp.DP is light punch dragon punch, nj.HK is neutral jump hard kick, c.MK is crouching medium kick, j.HK is jumping hard kick.

I will be discussing a few scenarios that may happen more often against Bison, and these alone should give you a better fight.
1. Against his scissor kicks, if you have your spacing and timing down, s.MP will help against it.
2. Against his head stomp, I usually punish with lp.DP to Ultra 1 (or whatever you prefer).
3. Against stomp, you can also back dash and punish (using a combo or knockdown setup).
4. Against stomp, you can also use j.HK or nj.HK.
5. Against his U1, when blocking, while it is in the Psychocrusher animation, buffer qcb (quarter circle back) + U1 and he will take a full Ultra punish.
6. Against turtle Bison players, trick them to do stomp using light fireballs at further distances and use back dash to setup a punish.
7. Against turtle Bison players, take the life lead and make him come to you. He will have to chase you because he has no real projectile.
8. Against an offensive Bison player, be ready to block a lot, and wait for opportunities to DP, once you get the knockdown, you can start rushing him because he doesn’t have any true wakeup option besides teleport.

I hope this was informative for those who seek others’ eyes in the game. May victories be in your favor.

Enjoy, my Ryu players.

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