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Ever since I was little, my twin brother and I would fight. We’ll probably be competitive forever since we’re brothers but you’ve probably met people who push you to your limits. Rivalries and the spirit of competition will always exist. Let’s look at rivalries in gaming.

Recently I got back into online gaming, specifically Street Super Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v.2012 with an old roommate and friend of mine. I’m sure many of you have a friend or two like this:

1. high pride & ego
2. never wants to admit defeat
3. doesn’t want to take advice
4. doesn’t believe you’re better than them
5. brags when he/she wins 1 match out of many losses

That said, I’m going to explain to you why this is good and why we need more of it in the fighting game community. Back in the day when there was an arcade scene, people would lose, get salty, line up their quarters and play for hours. Nowadays since there are home consoles and online gaming, people don’t feel that sense of urgency because they’re not losing money, therefore, face-to-face rivalries that existed with arcades are not around this day in age. In order for the scene to grow, friendly competition and animosity help create situations where people will want to get better to beat their friends. Encourage your rival with friendly taunts because if they have the spirit of competition, they won’t stop ’til they can get on your level.

Here are some benefits in a healthy rivalry:

1. Teach your opponent how to beat you so you can challenge yourself

  • tell them what they can do better the next time (what they’re doing wrong, or what your weaknesses are)
  • tell what to study, match-ups, timing, execution, mind games, set ups

2. Losing will cause them to seek out more play time, research and knowledge to win

  • practice combos and techniques in training room
  • find more sparring partners to play against
  • playing online and offline matches
  • watching video tutorials
  • reading written tutorials

3. Bring friends who want to bring in other friends (crew vs crew mentality)

  • helps spread the word, friends versus friends in your local area
  • you need at least 2 people to play against if you want to level up faster (preferably same level or way better in comparison)
  • tournaments
  • meet ups

This was just a list of things that could come up from a friendly rivalry. Just remember, don’t give up because you’re losing. Try harder to repeat that 16-0 win streak you had against your friend. Spread the word and acquire friends and friends of friends. Tell them that in order to get better, they have to realize how and why they’re losing. Until then, happy mashing.

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